Binx - BCB CEO

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My husband Rod and me at Cape Hatteras Lighthouse in NC.




My name is Taj (pronounced tie) Alex and I’ve worked with numbers for the past 30 years.  I’ve managed large insurance accounting departments and processed millions of dollars daily for corporations in several states.  I enjoyed working with the employees and customers, solving their daily challenges, but I was frustrated because I couldn't give them the time they needed due to the workload and expectations from upper management.  I want to partner with you and give you all you the tools you need to have a successful business.  You are my priority, not corporate goals or timelines.  


I also understand what it takes to run a small business.  My husband has successfully owned and operated his own engraving company for the past 15 years.  A few years ago, we also tried our luck with a pizza restaurant in a small town, too small as it turned out.  We learned a lot and had some great experiences.  I know how hard you have to work to make your business run and I will help take some of the stress away.  


My cats are a part of the family but I’m just short of that "crazy cat lady". I have 2, not 50.  Admittedly, I’d have more if I could but then I wouldn’t have enough time for each of them.  I won’t shortchange them just like I won't shortchange you.  You deserve my attention when you need it and I’ll be there for you, with feline supervision of course.  


I’m personable, low-key, attentive and caring and I enjoy working with people.  The challenges of working with numbers and the stories they tell fascinate me.  I am certified in both Xero Accounting and QuickBooks OnLine.

My husband and I have three kids and one grandson.  We enjoy traveling in our motor home, movies, playing cards with friends and dancing.  


I look forward to getting to know you!

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Binx, general supervisor of everything I do

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Our Navy son, daughter-in-law and grandson stationed in Charleston SC. We are proud parents.


Our other two kids on a trip to Disneyland last year - the older they get the more fun we have with them.


Coke, short for Vanilla Coke, is a beauty (but not too smart) and loves Christmas tinsel